Table of removestars parameters

Parameter Name Type Default value Description
pixscale float 0.396 SDSS pixel scale in arcsec/pixel.
defaultxy int 20 Half of the length of squares drawn over stars. Used when there’s no Petrosian radius availible or if length/2 of square sides are larger than maxxy. In pixels.
maxxy int 60 Max allowed half-length of square sides. Max covered area is 120x120
filter_caps dict
{u:22., g:22.2,
r:22.2, i:21.3, z:20.5}
Objects dimmer than filter_caps will not be removed (filter dependent)
magcount int 3 max allowed number of filters in which magnitude difference is larger than maxmagdiff
maxmagdiff float 3 Min number of votes required in Hough space to be considered a valid line
debug bool False see above.