Handling the resultsΒΆ

In interactive use it is not very likely detecttrails will output unmanageable quantities of results. However, it LFD was designed to be able to reprocess the entire SDSS database of images in which case the size of the results can become hard to handle if left in its original CSV output format.

Main purpose of results package is to allow collating the default outputs and easy interactive inspection of the results.

It is written using SQLAlchemy, a Python SQL toolkit and a ORM. Because of this before beginning to work with the module it is neccessary to create, or connect to, a database. See connect2db function from this module or the setup_db from lfd library root on how to do that.

Results module is more than just a ORM interface to a DB. It is aware of the complex SDSS camera array geometry and capable of translating raw result on-image coordinates to on-ccdarray coordinates without loss of consistency of the data, it provides wrappers between the modified SDSS MJD and other time formats as well as various results-colating, table-printing and database utilities.