Source code for lfd.createjobs.writer

import os

[docs]def get_node_with_files(job, run): """ .. deprecated:: 1.0 Reads lst-lnk file to retrieve nodes on which fits files of run are stored. Returns the node number. In cases where error occured while reading node number returns the first, "01", node. """ os.path.join(job.dir, "lst-lnk") f = open(os.path.join(job.dir, "lst_lnk")) read = index = read.find(str(run)) if read[index-1] == "/": return read[index-32:index-30] return "01"
[docs]def writeJob(job, verbose=True): """Writes the job#.dqs files. Takes in a Jobs instance and processes the "generic" template replacing any/all keywords using values from Jobs instance. For each entry in runlst it creates a new job#.dqs file, which contains commands to execute detecttrails processing for each entry of entry in runlst. Parameters ---------- job : lfd.createjobs.Job Job object from which job scripts are to be created. verbose : bool deprecated to alleviate clutter """ runlst = job.makeRunlst() for i in range(0, len(runlst)): jobpath = os.path.abspath(job.save_path) newjobpath = os.path.join(jobpath, "job"+str(i)+".dqs") newjob = open(newjobpath, "w") temp = job.template if job.pick.lower() == "Results": jobname = "{0}-{1}".format(runlst[i][0].run, runlst[i][-1].run) else: jobname = "{0}-{1}".format(runlst[i][0], runlst[i][-1]) temp = temp.replace("JOBNAME", jobname) temp = temp.replace("QUEUE", job.queue) temp = temp.replace("WALLCLOCK", job.wallclock) temp = temp.replace("PPN", job.ppn) temp = temp.replace("CPUTIME", job.cputime) temp = temp.replace("RESULTSPATH", job.res_path) header = temp.split("COMMAND")[0] footer = temp.split("COMMAND")[1] for x in runlst[i]: if job.pick.lower() == "run": command = "run={}".format(x) elif job.pick.lower() == "runfilter": command = "run={0}, filter='{1}'".format(x, job.filter) elif job.pick.lower() == "runcamcol": command = "run={0}, camcol={2}".format(x, job.camcol) elif job.pick.lower() == "runfiltercamcol": command = "run={0}, filter='{1}', camcol={2}" command = command.format(x, job.filter, job.camcol) elif job.pick.lower() == "results": command = "run={0}, filter='{1}', camcol={2}, field={3}" command = command.format(, x.filter, x.camcol, x.field) else: raise ValueError( ("Type of command format is not known, expected pick=run|" "runcamcol|runfilter|runcamcolfilter|results, " "but got {}".format(job.pick.lower())) ) header += job.command.replace("$", command) if job.pernode: node = get_node_with_files(job, run) header = header.replace("NODEFLAG", "fermi-node"+node) header = header.replace("FERMINODE", "fermi-node"+node) else: header = header.replace("NODEFLAG", "1") header = header.replace("FERMINODE", "fermi-node01") newjob.writelines(header+footer) newjob.close()